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Marc Jordan: Hit Songwriter Shares His Passion for Music

February 24, 2020 | Courtesy of Business Side of Music Podcast Interview “Hit Songwriter Shares His Passion For Music” All digital platforms can be accessed HERE LINK TO SPOTIFY HERE

Marc Jordan songs have been on over 35 million records and counting. He's written for such artists as Cher, Rod Stewart, Kansas, Chicago, Diana Ross, Kenny Loggins, and Bette Midler just to name a very few of the many, many artists that have recorded his songs.Along with his songs on millions of albums, songwriter, performer, and actor Marc Jordan has also released 16 of his own projects, including his latest endeavor "Both Sides".Marc spends time with us in the studio, talking about how he got into the business, some of the famous folks he performed with (including fellow bandmate Bob Dylan when they were touring with pop artist Bobby Vee back in the 60's), and his love for music still makes him cry when it comes to the right song.Tune in as we talk with Marc, along with playing some cuts off his latest album, where he honors the songwriters who helped influence his career.

The Business Side of Music ™© 2020

Beyond the MusicProduced & Hosted by Bob Bender

Creator & Technical Advisor (the man behind the curtain): Tom Sabella

Audio Engineer (one really cool guy): Jim Tennaboe

Director of Video (the brains of the entire operation): Deborah Halle

Lighting Director (the inventor of video): Mark Pleasant

Recorded at: The Franklin Coffee House and Bunker in Franklin, TN

Mixed & Mastered at Music Dog Studios in Nashville, TN

All digital platforms can be accessed HERE LINK TO SPOTIFY HERE


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