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Marc Jordan Celebrates "Both Sides" of Music, Smooth Jazz Can't Get Any Smoother

FEBRUARY 28, 2020 | Courtesy of James O'Connor dHarmic Evolution Podcast

dHarmic Evolution Podcast Episode 258


Having had his songs been on 35 Million CDs and recorded 16 of his own Albums, our guest today, Marc Jordan is a true music legend and inspiration to all aspiring artists in the singing and songwriting niche.  Married to Fellow musician and actress Amy Sky, Jordan’s Music Career shot for the sky when he signed for Warner Music in LA and began writing songs for and alongside some of the greats, including Diana Ross, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Brette Milder, and Rod Stewart.  Jordan has already been the recipient of several music awards including the ASCAP, JUNO and Smooth awards. Despite having already accomplished so much in the industry, the drive and passion that Jordan has for music and songwriting, according to him, is deeper and more profound than it’s ever been. He’s just released his latest album “Both Sides” in April of 2019, and alongside his wife Amy, the two are currently working on releasing another album set for 2020.  Show Notes  I had the pleasure of hosting Marc Jordan on the dHarmic Evolution today, stay tuned in the show as we discuss the life and career of Jordan, alongside some of his top hits including, the #1 smash world wide “Rhythm of My Heart” sung by Rod Stewart.  As he ventured into the music industry, Jordan noticed that the careers of so many people were catching fire with his songs. Warner Chappell noticed and approached and signed Jordan to a publishing deal after noticing how talented he was with his writing, and from then on Jordan would just write as if he would be the one to perform the songs. Later on, the songs would be pitched to other artists who would add their tune and style.  Jordan gives us a look into his personal life and career life. Get to find out the joys and challenges of working in the music industry from Jordan’s memories and experiences. We explore issues related to his touring, songwriting, performing and changes that have been ushered in by technology in the music industry. 

Quotes  It's hard to do cover songs because people are always comparing them to the original. So you’ve got to make it your own without destroying people’s memories (04:57)  So I just wrote as if I was going to record everything myself. That was the only way I could make the songs true. And the people that recorded the songs brought themselves to the show. (16:40)  When I realized that the concerts weren’t about me, that they were about the people sitting in the audience, is when I stopped began to enjoy concerts more, because I got so much in return. (40:22)   Music is so important. It's our first language and it's the language of our hearts and it's the language of a revolution as well. It's important politically and it's important emotionally. And we must never lose sight of that. And we must never compromise our artists because to do that there would be no art in the world. And if there was no art in this world, especially in music, then what is this world? (01:01:37)  

Mentions  Amy Sky  Gary Katz  Zoe sky Jordan  Billy holiday  Pete Townsend  (29:03) Ed C   (29:36) Paul Hallowell  Keith Richards Selected Links  Dreaming on both sides of the brain Aeolian Hall - Performing Arts Centre The Carlu Concert Hall - Toronto TimeStamps    Jordan dives into the inspiration and making of his both sides record (02:49)  Listen to the Nearness of You Hoagy Carmichael  (05:50)  Studio details on the great Prague Symphony orchestra  (12:07)  Listen to Curtis Mayfield's People Get Ready   (17:13)  Born in Brooklyn, Raised in Toronto, Jordan's bio in a nutshell   Insights on Jordan's new album set for 2020  (26:47)  Listen to Both sides now by Joni Mitchell  (30:24)  How Jordan came up with the idea for Both Sides  (37:54)  What Jordan feels about music touring and concerts  (40:22)  Listen to Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones  (48:24)  Jordan's advice to all aspiring artists  (56:46)

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