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Local Entrepreneur Shakes up the Education System in the Illawarra.


Brett Lucas Launches Innovative Concept:

Education Connection - Connecting Students to their Goals.

Wollongong, NSW June 16th 2021 - Brett Lucas, the reinvented founder of The Academy of Music, Dance Drama, has teamed up with branding powerhouse Dead Horse Branding to launch Education Connection, an education to industry agency that is aimed at taking students to the next level.

Education Connection will be an authority in connecting education with industry to establish transferable skills that remain relevant wherever your goals take you. This customizable program is competitively positioned in relation to other leading agencies, fast-tracking students to successful careers post-graduation.

While Brett presents the link between education and industry, Dead Horse Branding brings to the program its DH 7 Branding Module and industry connections. Students get the advantage of personal mentorship with DHB founders Melissa Core-Caballo and Rick Caballo, whose excellence in branding and business has innovated several industries globally.

“We are on a mission with Education Connection to enhance the education system by supplying a flourishing professional career pathway for every single student before they even graduate. Students need the brand building tools, business strategies, industry contacts and real life understanding to help build themselves 100% before graduation - not after. This formula is for all students out there that need to either promote themselves or a business they want to start - but at the end of the day we are all a business within ourselves and we show you how to maximize that in the best way that suits your goals.” Melissa Core-Caballo.

“Learning never pauses. In my experience, young people starting in their careers in any industry often lose the drive and purpose in the first years of their journey. The experience of success can be dependent on how you develop your purpose, create your identity and find the support of others that align with your values and visions. Education Connection provides a thoughtful platform to manage this pathway and fill the gaps between education and industry relevance. We provide ongoing support during this transition through customised plans that suit the needs of any individual or organisation.” Brett Lucas

Education Connection creates customized plans, personal brand strategies, offers complete development and personal management plus provides large industry contacts and life changing opportunities. The program features online and face-to-face courses and workshops to help launch and solidify the student’s pathway. Our module spans across industries to include music, stage & screen, design & logo, marketing, publicity & communications, photography, videography, interior design, web design, hospitality, legal, and more. This program will result in once-in-a-lifetime network connections to further your career aspirations.

Visit Education Connection online here.

Media Contact:

Becky Parsons | | (04) 1362 2547

About Brett Lucas:

Brett Lucas, the reinvented founder of The Academy of Music, Dance Drama, has been involved in the arts since he was a child, attending Victorian College of the Arts and performing as a freelancer performing with the Melbourne Symphony, State Orchestra of Victoria, Australian Ballet, Australian Opera and many other professional Arts organizations. After completing degrees in performance and teaching, his passion for performing soon developed into a focus on inspiring and encouraging the next generation to go after their dreams. Brett went on to receive an MBA in Business and Social Impact and is currently pursuing a Master of Laws degree at the University of New South Wales. With such a broad range of experience, Brett is able to use his skills to create a well-rounded education for his students.

Since taking over The Academy of Music, Dance Drama in 2018, Brett has completely reinvented the school. Enrollment has more than tripled, class offerings have expanded, and a large focus has shifted on growing the confidence and creativity of each student. He is now taking his focus broader than the arts, to bring his knowledge and expertise to developing students in all industries. Through Education Connection, Brett will bridge the gap between education and industry knowledge, network, and experience.

Brett Lucas LinkedIn

About Dead Horse Branding:

Dead Horse Branding (DHB) is an award winning branding machine that can build your image and promote your brand. They have a roster for stellar clients that include legendary music producer Tony Brown, “Who Let The Dogs Out”- Baha Men, HGTV, Lionsgate, TEDx, Hachette Books, GRAMMY’s, NEW YORKER, TODAY, Hallmark, Steven Tyler’s band “Loving Mary”, Bo Diddley Estate & Cyndi Lauper. Visit for more information.



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