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LA Music Review Features Joeyglo's "Lovely Lady"

Fun, fresh and full of flavor!

Hi Joeyglo, welcome to LA Music Review! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

Joey is an artist, songwriter, drummer, and audio engineer from Sacramento, CA…

and is currently based out of Nashville, TN, where he writes, records, and produces his own music from his home studio. He has been a professional drummer for 21 years, playing festival circuits internationally, and performing with various projects, most notably as the drummer for the band NAWAS, who he toured with for five years. Having started writing songs at an early age, Joey is now combining his experience as a touring musician and drummer, his ear for rhythm, understanding of connecting with people, and his education in audio engineering at The Blackbird Academy, to now create his own catalog as an independent artist. He is finally releasing his own music. Now, his songs are breaking down boundaries and demanding attention.

Joeyglo truly brings something unique to the music scene.

It hardly takes any time to see that he has created something special and memorable with his music. He combines modern recording techniques, creating new and interesting sonic colors and textures, with a classic flair and approach to songwriting that is unique to him. There is something so authentic and familiar about the feelings his songs create. He innovatively honors nostalgia while always pushing the envelope with his creative production, teasing the ear with fun and playful musical elements. Catchy melodic hooks, riffs, musical motives, and lyrics make you want to sing along. Anything from his catalog is just easy to play on repeat. Peers, collaborators, and fellow artists celebrate his music as the next evolution in pop.

Joeyglo represents the positive voice, the silver lining, and the glow within each and every color of the complicated human experience. His songs have a way of reaching the intricacies of the heart while staying light and filling the airways with hope. His songs make people want to dance, laugh, and celebrate even the hardest of times. This may be the artist that pop music fans everywhere have been waiting for.

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

Released on September 9, 2022. Although women are breaking boundaries all the time, Joeyglo says, “This world would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” “Lovely Lady” represents the prominence of well-deserved women.

The song is about the first moment the protagonist meets a woman and just has to know every little detail about who she is and wants to spend every waking moment with this special human.

Start streaming “Lovely Lady” right here:

What is your vision for this song?

While blending genres and giving a fresh sound to the electronic-pop and hip-hop scenes, the track drew inspiration from “the givers of life,” says Joeyglo. “I wrote this song to be fun and flirtatious while not making women feel sexualized or unappreciated for who they really are as people,” adds Joeyglo.

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

Making waves through the pop scene…

the anthem hits spot-on lyrics that give listeners a reason to jam too. “We could go to the moon, in outer space, we could take a rocket ship, we could swim through the Milky-way.” The electronic-pop musician represents the silver lining and glow within each and every color of the complex human experience. “If I knew you a million light years, I would hold you tight. Will that be alright?”

Anything else we should know about it?

Joeyglo’s musical journey began in Northern California and later relocated to Nashville. He writes, records, and produces all of his own music from his at-home studio. As a professional drummer for 21 years, playing festival circuits internationally, and most notably as the drummer for the band NAWAS, Joeyglo constantly evolves to be the best musical version of himself. Having worked on several projects with various musicians, Joeyglo is now releasing his own music. “Lovely Lady” will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday, September 9.



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