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L.A. Music Review - Siena Truly Empowers Us With "Sass"

Fun, catchy and truly inspiring!

Hi Siena, welcome to LA Music Review! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

Trading traditional, flat countryside pastures for impeccable mountainscapes, dry desert richness and gleaming strip lights, Siena is a neon cowgirl out of none other than Las Vegas. Siena’s rodeo stage is set, having already shared it with Rascal Flatts, Big & Rich, and Rodney Atkins, to name a few. These artists also are her influences along with modern country music icons like Carrie Underwood and Kasey Musgraves. Unlike most artists her age, she moves away from modern country-pop and dives more into her roots of 2000s country, in both her music and fashion. A bolo tie resting confidently around her neck and a wide brim hat shading her eyes, Siena is an artist the twenty-first century has yet to see.

To her, being an artist means spreading positivity and encouragement like the west coast sunshine. I hope to engage my audiences with positivity and love. With the lyrics and melodies created, I want people to engage that ‘at home’ feeling when they hear my music. I want my listeners to feel fun, encouraged, lively, and free.

Siena’s sunshine personality and authentic country charm have captivated diverse audiences for years. With her deep, rustic vocals, she’s destined to carry on country traditions with her music and metalwork. Siena relies heavily upon traditional country storytelling to express herself as she looks to paint stories through personal experiences.

Start streaming “Sass” right here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

Swinging from the neon lights, this is a record that is sure to make waves through generations of women.

The lyrics are beyond catchy and paint a story for a girl’s night out. Siena says, “I haven’t heard a fun GNO party song in a while, so I thought, why not write one! I wrote this song with Don Miggs, who also produced it. He really helped bring it to life.”

From the storytelling to the captivating melodies, “Sass” is a danceable song that hits all the elements that listeners love. Siena’s music separates her from any other artist as she engages that ‘at home’ feeling through metaphoric writing.

What is your vision for this project?

Never failing to catch people’s attention with her authentic sound, Siena embraces her inner self and gives her devoted audience a song to resonate with.

I want my audience to know that if ever you’re feeling down, crank up this tune and have yourself a good time.

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

As an artist, Siena moved away from modern country-pop and dove more into her roots of the 2000s country music. Siena says, “This song is obviously very ‘sassy’ and gives confident vibes!” Siena carries on country traditions with her music and relies heavily on established lyrical songwriting as she evokes a specific sound of a long-lasting genre through personal experiences.

Anything else we should know about it?

As a Nashville-based breakthrough artist…

her desert richness and rustic vocals keep us grounded in our roots in an ever-changing music scene. During Siena’s career, she has shared the stage with Rascal Flatts, Big and Rich, and Rodney Adkins, to name a few. In 2021, Siena performed the National Anthem for Academy Award Nominee, actor, screenwriter, and director, Taylor Sheridan’s The Run For A Million Reining Horse Show in Las Vegas.

Siena continues to transcend through her music and desert western style. Growing up with the influences of the likes of Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, and Carrie Underwood, Siena continues to be inspired by today’s hitmakers. Being on stage is home for the singer, as she is a true cowgirl at heart. Whether she is out hunting, fishing, roping, welding her own horseshoes, or competing in a rodeo, she lives and breathes the impeccable country life.

Start Streaming "Sass" Right Here:



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