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Jayne Denham to perform at ‘Accelerate!’ expo as WIT’s new ambassador

Sept. 23, 2019 - The Trucker

Country music star Jayne Denham will perform her song “Black Coffee and White Lines” at a concert to kick off Women In Trucking’s 2019 Accelerate! Conference and Expo.

There’s no question who the “First Lady of Country Music” is. That’s easy, Loretta Lynn.

Or, wait, is it Tammie Wynette?

Did someone just say Patsy Cline? Or what about Dolly Parton? OK, maybe there is some question about who the first lady is.

But there’s no doubt that Jayne Denham is the ambassador.

On September 19, Women In Trucking announced that the country music star and trucking advocate has been chosen to be the organization’s ambassador for one year, beginning her duties at the 2019 Accelerate! Conference & Expo September 30 through October 2.

“Jayne Denham’s songs tell a story, and her story resonates with all of us who share a passion for the women and men who spend their days behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler,” said Ellen Voie, president & CEO of Women In Trucking. “We loved her song, ‘Stacks,’ but the new, ‘Black Coffee & White Lines’ hits home with its depiction of life on the road.  We’re especially thrilled to have our own image team members featured in her latest video.

The Australian singer is a household name in country-rock, known for her songs that resonate with the trucking community. Denham’s #1 Australian country single, “Addicted to the Diesel”, helped raise the profile of the transport trucking community there. The music video for Denham’s “White Coffee & Black Lines,” which she released at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas last year, is set to feature stars of History Channel’s hit show “Ice Road Truckers.”

Denham will perform the song at a “State Fair Bash” concert to open the Accelerate! Conference & Expo.

“I am really excited to be an ambassador for ‘Women In Trucking,’” Denham said. “Cheering on women drivers through my music is something I have been passionate about since my first songs were released 13 years ago. Helping shine a light on women drivers and see changes for women drivers is a huge honor.  I can’t wait to perform at the Accelerate! Conference and get the party started.”

The 3-day event, which focuses on gender equality, will take place at the Sheraton Dallas September 30 through October 2, featuring over 60 educational sessions on critical transportation issues and trends along with perspectives of women in the industry.

Registration for Women In Trucking’s 2019 Accelerate! Conference & Expo is currently open.


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