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Jayne Denham honors father with single ‘Beautiful World’

Three time Golden Guitar nominee Jayne Denham releases latest single “Beautiful World” off her 5th studio album “WANTED” to honor the passing of her father. Jayne’s father and manager for many years known as “THE DON”, knew his favorite Jayne songs the second he heard them. “Beautiful World” not only moved his soul for the incredible uplifting track it is, but it became his anthem as he fought his battle with mesothelioma. Not many people could find such positive light and freedom in such a time of uncertainty and deep sorrow, but just like Jayne, no matter the hurdle, no matter the fall, Don knew you will always land on higher ground in a more beautiful world.

From the inception of the first drum to the effortless harmonica dueting the guitar, you know you are in for a sweet retreat. “I feel the sun dripping on my skin, God must know the shape I am in,” gives you a glimpse into the powerful anthem that is “Beautiful World”. No matter what you are going through, Jayne refuses to let you fall as line after line encourages us to let the brokenness be gone and to rise up.

“My Dad had been unwell and when the new album ‘Wanted’ was released, he would often call and say how much ‘Beautiful World’ helped him get through the tougher days. So many people have contacted me to say how much this song is their anthem to celebrating new freedoms. I have had literally hundreds of messages saying how much, like my Dad, it has lifted them through their hard times. Sadly, my Dad passed away on October 4th 2021, so we decided to release ‘Beautiful World’ as a tribute to him, and hope that it helps you smile and look at each day in both the best and worst of times, no matter what you’re going through.”

Ian “Macca” McNamara, ABC’s Australia All Over says, “How good is this song. It’s Anthemic (it resonates like an anthem). Upbeat and positive. Thank you Jayne”

“I knew the first time I heard Jayne’s song ‘Beautiful World’ that it would appeal to a broad audience. The positive message of the lyrics is timely and so badly needed in these divisive times. With its anthemic melody and sing-along chorus, ‘Beautiful World’ is destined to be Jayne’s biggest career hit so far.” – Jeff Chandler, Chandler Music Works

Jayne is one of Australia’s most admired and sought-after country rock performers. Her 5th Album “WANTED” came out of the gate firing all the bullets reaching #1 Aria Australian Country Album and #2 on Air Australian Indie charts after Jimmy Barns. She has written and recorded with some of the biggest names in the business including producer Brian White (Jason Aldean, Gary Alan), writers Jerry Salley (Reba McEntire “I’m Gonna Take That Mountain”), and Phil Barton (Lee Kernaghan “I Don’t Dance”). Jayne recorded her album “Calamity” in the home studio of Rascal Flatts’ Jay De Marcus, who played bass on the album.

Denham has scored 4 #1 smash hits in Australia, 6 Top 10 songs in the National Country Charts, 12 Top 30 videos, and 6 Country Music Channel (CMC) nominations. In 2017, her high-octane reputation caught the attention of US promoters, who invited her to perform at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas, leading to a demand for her to be constantly touring America for two years.

Also known for her trucking songs, her deep connection with American audiences and the trucker community led to Jayne becoming Ambassador for the Women In Trucking Association in the US.

Jayne is the newest signing to Velvet Stone Management, a division of Dead Horse Branding based in Sydney and Nashville, TN.

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