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For You Haiti charity helps impoverished children needing surgery

By Sarah Falson

A charity founded by Cronulla local Alana Kaye has helped over 2500 patients and facilitated over 500 crucial surgeries for poverty-stricken children in Haiti since its inception in 2015.

For You Haiti is one of the few not-for-profits tackling poverty issues on Haiti's La Gonâve island, which can only be reached by boat.

Ms Kaye said her charity was designed to tackle inherent issues faced by local children living in extreme poverty, including hunger, education, medical care, and family support.

The charity relies on monetary donors as well as surgeons and health care workers that donate their time.

"The For You Haiti team go to such great lengths to make the impossible possible every day for our patients. I guess 'no' has never been an option for us," Ms Kaye said.

She was compelled to set-up the charity after visiting the region and learning that 95 per cent of patients were in homes with dirt floors, lacking basic necessities such as clean water to drink and bathe in, and beds.

One of the children For You Haiti has been able to help is Po, who was born with a severe heart defect.

With the assistance of Haiti Cardiac Alliance and Chain of Hope in London, Po was able to have the open heart surgeries he needed at the Children's Hospital in Barcelona, Spain.

Ms Kaye accompanied him and his family there personally, and Po is now receiving an education at a school set up by For You Haiti in Anse a Galets, along with over 400 other children aged three to 11.

The charity has also set-up a nursing school, English school and an IT class for parents to learn skills at night.

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