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Erin Duvall: 'Walking Country Song' (Song Review) on The Singers Company

Walking Country Song (Review) With a hard hitting power anthem, Nashville singer/songwriter Erin Duvall reminds us how to walk strong just like a Walking Country Song!

Walking Country Song features a strong melody hook right at the start, complete with a powerful horn section, organ, and power guitars. Erin’s vocals are both sultry and rugged, the perfect balance. The backing vocals and harmonies have a warm, soulful gospel undertone that reinforces the chorus. The line, “My roots just keep calling me home, I’m a walking country song”, suggest the artist is sure of her direction and destination.

The production just seems to keep growing and builds from beginning to end and it takes a few listens to fully take in all of the layers of sounds and counterpoint melodies. You can also tell that this song was made as a reflection of what a live performance of Erin would sound and feel like. You can literally close your eyes and see yourself at the show! Overall, 10 out of 10 song!

About Erin Duvall The Texas-born singer-songwriter, Erin Duvall, was raised on a foundation of the country, blues, gospel, and rock 'n' roll. Erin's unique approach to music has drawn comparisons to singers like Janis Joplin, Natalie Maines, and Susan Tedeschi. As the fourth of five children in her family, Erin learned to advocate for herself and what she wanted at an early age, which was to always perform. By delivering raspy country vocals, Erin sets herself apart from other women in today's country music scene. She belts, teases, and soars into listeners' ears with her roadhouse bluesy tunes and the sultry sounds of her vocals.

Press Quotes When we look at Erin Duvall we see a woman of beauty, elegance, and persistence with a soft raspy voice that demands your attention at all times. When you hear this record it will take you on a musical journey of her life’s “Walking Country Song” and how she now has her “Wings” to soar like the powerful woman she was designed to be. - Baker Brothers, Award-winning musicians touring with Kirk Franklin and Bishop T.D. Jakes

For more information and to connect with Erin Duvall follow her on Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. ON SPOTIFY



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