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Frayed Needle Launches Presence In Music City

Photography Credit: Brittany Hope Hambrick

“In this incredibly fast age, there is no doubt that the world of fashion has moved to add even more innovative ways for consumers to express themselves through their pieces. This is what ground-breaking fashion designer, Brian Antonevich has done with his up-cycled fashion company, Frayed Needle.” — Caitlyn-Rae Arendse, The Garnette Report

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Frayed Needle, has become the denim to the stars fashion brand, which boasts retro-fitted, up-cycled, funked-up denim jeans, jackets, and shorts, worn by Post Malone, Quinton Griggs, and Keith Harkin. Quickly gaining celebrity attention, the Boston-based line is officially making a bold statement in Nashville with a brand new showroom located at the well-known and prominent female fashion showroom, Molly & Gidget. In 2015, the engineer turned fashion designer Brian Antonevich established his up-cycled, one-of-a-kind fashion company, Frayed Needle. The collection of new, edgy denim pieces fit for a bold look is known for designing rock star approved fashion. Frayed Needle is a brand that was born to stand out. In an ever-evolving fashion market, the company is always ahead of the curve and not afraid to make some noise with its pieces.

Brian says, "Each Frayed Needle piece tells a unique story that changes depending on who's wearing it. Edgy? Yeah. Bold? Hell yeah. My hand-stitched upcycled pieces are alive! They will evolve with you — fade, soften, and tear; they may even rip. One thing is for sure — they will FRAY. It's really exciting to showcase my collection with Molly & Gidget's customers in Nashville. I can't wait to see their stories unfold."

Brian discovered a gap in the fashion world for a brand like his, so he set out to fill it with his own line. "Like TK Trask, owner and designer of Molly & Gidget, and her motto, #GoYourOwnDirection, I'm a huge advocate for those who don't follow the crowd. People who control their own narrative and are empowered to stand out — those are my customers, my kind of people,” says Brian.

The runway-ready fashion brand Molly & Gidget has established itself as one of the top women-empowered fashion lines seen on CMA Award red carpets, runways, and music clients today. Molly & Gidget scored a spot on the ‘CMA’s Best Dressed’ list at this year's awards for styling the American country music group Runaway June and got high praise from outlets such as Forbes, E! News, Cowgirl Magazine, Hollywood Life, and Life & Style Magazine. "Showcasing my brand, Frayed Needle, at Molly & Gidget's showroom fits like my best pair of broken-in jeans,” adds Brian.

“If you want to dress like a real rock star, look no further; you have already found your favorite brand in Frayed Needle,” says Edgar Allan Poets — Noir Rock Band. The denim to the stars Frayed Needle, will feature edgy and rock-inspired new pieces, continuing the signature look that the brand has always been known for. Unique patchwork stitching, shades of color, and detailing will make these pieces stand out and have a bold identity within the Nashville market.

It will bring an innovative new flare to the Nashville fashion scene and will go unnoticed by none. Fashion innovation is what Frayed Needle excels at, and Nashville is about to see that firsthand. Get ready to see a bold, rock star approved line everywhere you go in Music City.

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