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Bridge Music Magazine: Southern Rock Band Stone Senate Is Turning Heads With Second EP ‘Dawn’

The highly acclaimed five-piece southern rock band StoneSenate releases their second EP, Dawn, seamlessly blending southern rock music sensibilities with the elements of country.

The first EP series, called Dusk, was released in October of 2021 and is part of a greater vision that demonstrates their reflective approach to foreseeing both the dark and the light. The second EP, Dawn, dropped October 28th, making waves in the Southern Rock genre.

Stone Senate distinguishes themselves from other musicians by pushing the boundaries of southern rock and incorporating modern-day guitar riffs. Forming a collaborative listening experience, “Dawn and Dusk covers the entire spectrum of music, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows,” says lead singer Clint Woolsey.

As Grammy Award-Winning Producer Toby Wright declares, “Stone Senate is one of today’s most adventurous and prolific rock bands. Their music soars to life with the guitar work unmatched in today’s rock arena, the brothers hold down the rhythm, and Clint has an amazing presence as his voice tells you their story.”

The album continues with two songs that gave fans a sneak peak at the new music in recent months. The two singles off of the Dawn EP, “Good to Go” and “Shine,” garnered high praise for the grit and groove they bring to the southern rock category. Commended by Underground Music Collective, “As for ‘Good to Go’ the intricate guitar plucking, sweet steel guitar tones, and crisp vocal harmonies create a golden-glowing, feel-good soundscape, which underscores the relaxed delivery of singer Clint Woolsey’s soulful baritone.”

As a band based in Nashville, they convey a resurgence to the genre as they deliver soulful vocals and an unmistakable stage presence. “These songs were written and completed while we were in the studio, which was a very different process. We had always had the songs and played the songs live for a while and then recorded them for past albums, so this was a different approach, but man did it shine with lots of emotions on this collection of tunes,” reflects Clint.

Guitarist James Edwards says, “The Dawn EP includes some of my favorite work we’ve done thus far. I think that it further displays the range and growth of the band as writers and players. The inclusion of instruments that you simply don’t hear everyday in rock ‘n’ roll also makes it a really interesting listen. What’s really cool for me is that there’s even more to come.”

As top-tier guitar players and versatile entertainers, the latter half of the EP, brings us the focus track “Always Never Fades.” Rounding out the project, Clint says, “The song began with a really pretty riff, which became the verse, and then piece by piece, “Always Never Fades” was composed.” A few years back, the band started writing for the new album and ended up finishing this song in the process. Clint adds, “It’s a song about heartache, but with a groovin’ tempo and some really beautiful guitar and vocal harmonies to shine a little light onto the story. I’m so happy this idea from years ago found a home on this new album!”

Steadily building a following through relentless year-round touring and strong streaming numbers on numerous playlists, including Apple Music’s New in Country and Country Roads, Stone Senate continues to fill venues across the country. Known for their songwriting chops and exceptional musicianship, the powerhouse band encompasses true artistry.

The Dawn EP is available on all streaming platforms now.



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