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Bridge Music Magazine Features Cash Crawford


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Singer-songwriter Cash Crawford releases her new single, “Save Myself.” As a female musician, Cash is growing, healing, evolving, and learning all through her own shadow. “How could you love me, when I didn’t love me” a cutting-edge hook line that explains Cash saving herself this time. Listeners get an inside look of the singer’s light and dark sides, but most refreshingly her impeccable honesty.

Embracing the feelings and emotions of healing, Cash faces her own challenges and focuses on the light that comes from positivity instead of blaming others for past mistakes.

Don Miggs, a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Mick Fleetwood and Tower of Power, as well as fronting the band Whole Damn Mess and touring with artists such as ZZ Top and Cheap Trick, produced the single. “Save Myself” is my version of acknowledging that, at a time, I looked to others for my happiness,” says Cash.

Through bold and emotional lyrics, Cash, who once felt like a nobody and later accepted her imperfections, found her own self-worth. Cash says, “After some very deep personal battles, I had to spend time getting to know myself all over again as well as take responsibility for ways I had wronged myself but blamed others. It’s about my journey in becoming my own hero.” Cash’s powerhouse vocals are distinctive, and her ability to empower other women through lyrics is undeniable.

Becoming her own hero, the gypsy singer continues to make waves in Nashville as she begins a new self-love musical journey. Cash is no stranger to the music industry, spending over 20 years as a noteworthy vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer.

As an artist, she has earned Rising Star, Female Vocalist of the Year, and Song of the Year Nominations for her solo projects. Cash has won Best Singer Songwriter for the Toronto Indie Music Awards in 2012/2013. In 2019, Cash released “Stevie”, her single written about her idol Stevie Nicks, with David Tolliver. “Save Myself” is set to be released on Friday, May 27th.

Pre-Save “Save Myself” HERE.


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