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Brad Lambert: Building Relationships First

July 17, 2020 | DE Episode 277 by James O'Connor

Courtesy of dHarmic Evolution Podcast

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Joining me on the show today is producer, talent manager, and international speaker Brad Lambert.  Brad was born and raised in Pittsburgh. So it was no surprise when he started off his career working with The Steelers by helping their athletes in marketing and branding themselves.  Passionate and self-driven for success, Brad moved to LA. This proved to be the highlight for his career as he worked with the legendary Robert Downey Jr and team, then, on to some of the biggest Hollywood brands, including Disney, Marvel, and Sony Pictures.  Brad has also been a part of the marketing campaigns of two-hit movies; Avengers End Game and Spiderman: Far From Home.  Brad in a Nutshell Brad is only motivated to work on things that he’s passionate about. And although it’s a straightforward approach, the path toward his inspirational success has been characterized by hard discipline and commitment.  This is what led Brad into working in the Sports and Film industries.  Business and Connection Building Brad started working with The Steelers while in senior high school. He did whatever he could to add value to the lives and business aspects of his clients (The Steelers athletes).  This ranged from social media management, brand building, PR, and online marketing.  His main goal through all this was to establish his clients’ brands to ensure maximum exposure for entrepreneurial and career success.  

What motivated Brad at the time up to date, is the relationship and connection side of the business.  He enjoyed getting to know the personal and social lives of the athletes he worked with.  The relationship aspect, Brad advises, is the most important factor behind the success of anything. From business to careers, family, and friendships. Building genuine and trustworthy relationships is the key to a firm and unshakable foundation.  Once you’ve established a great relationship, it will automatically spill over to your general reputation and track record. Everything else will fall into place without much effort.  Progress: Moving to LA Having received a call and provided an opportunity to work in Hollywood. 

Brad jumped on board without any second thoughts. Because he didn’t have any background in Film School. Brad had to work twice as hard as the other producers and marketers in Hollywood. But he had no problem with this since he’s always loved new challenges and anything that required him to jump out of his comfort zone.  Looking back at all of it now, Brad is grateful for the time he spent working to produce and market Hollywood films.  Everything involved in the production aspects; research, coverage, creativity hacking, and teamwork, have all helped in shaping him to be the success he is today.  It’s this experience that shaped Brad’s belief in the spirit of synergy and collaboration for inclusive success. Lifting each other up is the only way we all win.  Adapting to the COVID Environment. Like everyone else’s lifestyle, Brad’s daily routine has massively been affected by the pandemic. But instead of complaining or sitting back to wait for things to change, Brad has decided to take control and do the things that he can to ensure progress.  

He’s currently working on different projects to ensure easy continuity once this COVID storm has settled. Brad has also taken the opportunity to work on growing himself. He’s been reading, watching Ted Talks, learning new skills, and speaking on podcasts. His main focus is to come out on the other side better than he currently is.  Although habits are hard to break. Just like Brad, taking it one step at a time is the way to go.  Focus on the good, and the most you can do with the resources you have. This is the way we all come out of the current crisis as winners.  

Timestamps  03:21 How Brad launched his career while in high school 06:07 Brad’s experience working with The Steelers. 07:43 Building the foundation of his marketing business 08:48 Business tips to starting a business 13:55 Transitioning from sports to the film industry 16:52 Experience working in Hollywood projects. 20:41 Brad’s personal life philosophy and character building. 24:41 Growing and succeeding in the COVID environment. 30:00 Making the most with the little you have 33:37 Pivoting from the 9-5 to going independent 36:57 Making better people instead of millionaires 38:01 Brad’s work habits and routines. 46:03 Building genuine relationships for success 53:05 Listen to Connected. Quotes I did a lot of work for people which I never got paid for. Because it’s never been about business for me. Adding value and building relationships was my aim at the time. - Brad about working with some of The Steelers athletes while in high school. All my success has come from building genuine relationships. Through these relationships, I’ve been able to build a foundation which I then leverage to transition into the money side of things. Life is all about who you know. And when opportunities are presented to you by these people, you have to jump on that train. Always challenge yourself. If things are beginning to get easy for you, then it’s time to focus on a different niche to ensure growth and overall success. I personally never say no to any opportunity, even if it’s something I’m not very familiar with. We’re not together as we were in the past. If we change this and we all stick together and support each other, then the world will be a much better place.  Selected Links and Mentions Terry Bradshaw Lynn Swann Willie Parker Lawrence Timmins Robert Downey jr. Scooter Braun Gary Vee

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