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Blue Grass/Folk Sensation EmiSunshine Releases “Crimson Moon”

April 6, 2020 | By Sherryl Craig Courtesy of Nashville Music Guide

The gifted and talented Emi Sunshine recently released her latest single “Crimson Moon,” based on the famed bar in Georgia, along with her 6th studio album “Family Wars.” The album is her most personal project to date – covering domestic violence, dysfunctional families, political corruption, mass murder, love, and freedom.

At the young age of 15, Emi was named one of Rolling Stone’s “Ten New Country Artists You Need to Know and has appeared nationally on the Today Show, Pickler & Ben, and NBC’s Little Big Shots.

Here is an exclusive interview with Nashville Music Guide, she shares some of her thoughts and plans. For your listening pleasure here is “Crimson Moon”.

Nashville Music Guide: What expectations do you have for this new year 2020?

Emi Sunshine: Writing a lot more and digging in to rehearse might be good! I wanna be a better musician, writer, entertainer!

Nashville Music Guide: Will you be touring locally or in a particular area in the US?

Emi Sunshine: All over the US… maybe Canada again!

Nashville Music Guide: You’re so young to have such a strong and powerful interpretation of words for the struggles that so many experiences in life, where do you garner your knowledge?

Emi Sunshine: I am a people watcher, eavesdropper, story collector! I just soak up a good sad tale and convert it into a song. After all, the best songs are just stories you can cry too, right?

Nashville Music Guide: Do you talk with others and share their stories?

Emi Sunshine: I do! I sometimes take notes right there as they spill the details and sometimes I’m covertly memorizing the conversation!

Nashville Music Guide: How do you come about the inspiration for your songs?

Emi Sunshine: I think as a friend told me recently, songs are all there for the taking we just have to reach up and grab them… so I try to listen to when they are ripe! I just gather them up!

Nashville Music Guide: What age were you when you very first began to appear professionally?

Emi Sunshine: I was 6 for my first professional gig unless you count my aunties wedding I was 4 and they paid me a dollar!

You can catch a glimpse of Emi Sunshine on her website and also find more information on music and new happenings at the sites below.

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