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Alexander Marjanovic - Young Talent Time

Words Olivia Tollardo

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The Australian music industry is not widely known for its jazz and blues scene, but 22-year-old crooner from Coniston, Alexander Marjanovic, is on a mission to change that!

Alexander grew up listening to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and the Andrews Sisters, and has now created an on-stage persona, inspired by - and set to rival - his idols. Not simply a singer,Alexander plays the piano, composes and arranges his music himself, while also keeping his audience entertained with his old- school charm and charisma.With his classic sound made fresh and dapper demeanour, the rising star is breathing new life into the lounge singer genre, working with internationally acclaimed producers to refresh classic tracks. In 2020, Alexander, released his debut album Imagination featuring his original song Winter Shadows as well as arrangements of classic jazz songs. His latest release I Don't Want to Miss a Thing transforms Aerosmith's hit song into a smooth blues piece with silky melodies and a hint of sweetness.

When he sings.Alexander hopes to transport his audience to another time, another place - an intimate jazz bar in the 1940s."Music has always been a huge part of my life," Alexander says. "I want to revive the classic lounge genre and invite a new generation of listeners to enjoy the music I have always had an affinity for.''

When did your interest in jazz and blues music begin?

I was raised listening to music from the second half of the 20th century, mostly thanks to my parents, who particularly enjoyed tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s. I also loved watching vaudeville comedy films like Abbott & Costello and Martin & Lewis, which my parents rented throughout my childhood. I started playing piano at 11 years old, when my mum bought me a ragtime piano, and haven't stopped since - I began singing not long after that I performed and competed in a few competitions growing up, before starting to work on releasing music.

What prompted you to promote yourself online as 'AlexanderPerforms'?

The public attention I received after performing live shows often involved the question: "Where can I find you?!" This encouraged me to create an online platform and stage name for myself that was simple and easy for people to remember.

As a young adult in this niche industry, how are you hoping to make an impact?

I want to attract an audience who love to relax over a fine wine while listening to smooth crooner jazz and swing music. I'd like to show people that their favourite classic rock songs can sound beautiful as jazz-inspired pieces!

Tell us about the process of creating your new single I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. I began by selecting Aerosmith's famous song from a list of potential tracks, before rearranging majority of the piece. After completing a demo for my publicist and manager, we sent the track to producers who we thought could help bring the song to life. Legendary Nashville songwriter and producer John Capek, who's worked with Cher and Rod Stewart, reached out and we began working together via Zoom, changing some of the vocal melodies to morph it best for my style of music.

Who would your dream collaboration be? I would love to collaborate with many artists and producers in the future, especially within different genres and industries. It would be an honour to work with Tony Bennett though, as he's one of the last crooner legends from that period.

Is performing live important to you?

Live performances are very important to me, more so than recording new songs! Nothing can quite compete with standing on a stage and entertaining an audience. I enjoy playing private functions and at smaller venues to create an intimate atmosphere.

When can we expect new music from you?

I currently use Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube to release music and I'm aiming to release another swing-style single later this year. I'll be posting updates regularly on my social media channels, so please check out 'Alexander-Performs' if you're interested in hearing more!

For more, go to and @alexanderperforms

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