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Creating a New Cabinetry Brand

When industry experts and manufacturers work together, the result is a product that keeps the client in mind and addresses current trends and issues in the home. Jeanine Weinzierl, head of design for ACPI and a cabinetry product manager for a number of years, was recently brought on to lead the design of a new line of cabinetry for ACPI: Serenade. She also played a part in the newly announced partnership with Gigi Butler, founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, who will serve as the brand’s spokesperson and will participate in developing and marketing.

KBB magazine spoke with Weinzierl about the partnership with Gigi and what it was like designing a new brand of cabinetry.

KBB: What were your goals in designing this cabinet line?

Weinzierl: The goal was to develop a high-quality, frameless brand of cabinetry that offers the designer door style and finish choices and customization options customers are looking for. It was important for us to not only be environmentally responsible at our facility, but to also offer our customers eco-friendly, water-based finishes.

KBB: What were you challenged by in this endeavor?

Weinzierl: The biggest challenge was documenting all of the details of an entire cabinet product line. It is an enormous task to define all of the parts and pieces needed for the endless plethora of design styles and preferences popular today. Every designer has their own way, their own signature style of designing and implementing projects for their clients. While the end results are often very similar, how each designer accomplishes them can be very different, so at some point we just had to draw the line and say this is what we are launching with.

KBB: What creative ideas are you investing in this brand?

Weinzierl: All of our door styles were named after famous authors. For example, our Wright door style is a Shaker profile with a reversed raised solid wood center panel named after Frank Lloyd Wright. So each of our door styles has a story to tell!

KBB: Why was Gigi Butler chosen as the “face” of Serenade?

Weinzierl: Gigi Butler is the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes and is known for her one-of-a-kind cupcakes. Having cooked in more than 110 kitchens across the U.S. at a professional level, Gigi, a culinary creator and expert in using a kitchen, understands the importance of making space functional and beautiful at the same time. She understands the need for high-quality cabinets to withstand the test of time and provide a sense of your own personal style to your home. We are both proud and honored to have her as our spokesperson.

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