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Adam Craig - BBR / Just a Phase Video

Directed by The EDDE BROS/TackleBox Films, recorded at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Adam Craig‘s “Just a Phase” is a patient country ballad with lots of soul. His aching lyric is poignant, forgiving and original. The newcomer should break through with this song.

As a vocalist, Craig shows tremendous range during the final lines of each chorus. “Just a Phase” is a dynamic love song that pushes and pulls at different speeds before charging through the refrain. This — and truly unique compassion for the woman batting at his heart like a cat bats at yarn — makes the song impossible to turn away from. There’s no self-pity here either, which in the end makes it easier to feel good about repeat listens.

Introductory ballads are a tough sell at radio, but this isn’t truly Craig’s debut single as he released “Reckon” in 2016. Great songs always usually often rise to the top, and all the individual elements of this song come together to make it worthy of becoming a hit.


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