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How To Remove Those Annoying Habits That Haunt Us

Guest Article by Dr. Karen Phillip

Most of us have them. Those annoying habits haunting and impeding our lives. Perhaps we drink more alcohol than we need, we may gamble and try to hide our losses, we lose our cool and snap at those who may not deserve our wrath, and we then hate ourself and feel overwhelmed not knowing how to control these behaviors.

Our behaviours are guided by our thoughts and emotions. We drink excessively often to escape something in our reality. However, we seem only to make the situation worse; it is never fixed through alcohol. We know this yet struggle to change this habitual behaviour.

Gambling is often the same. When we gamble, we tune out, forget what is going on in our chaotic world and just allow our mind to focus on something other than those issues. Then, of course, we all know this behaviour often leads to even more problems when we lose. That hole we are digging gets larger and deeper. We can then become angry at ourselves for not knowing how to change our thoughts and therefore our actions and behaviours.

We are good people. We want to do the right and honourable thing. We want to support those around us, act accordingly, work hard and be the best person we can be. What has happened? We feel lost, sometimes out of control, which leads us to a feeling of being worthless, weak and no good.

You are not alone, most all of us experience these issues at some time in our life. There are those that fold and give in, and there are those who step up, and learn ways to change these behaviours that are hurting us and those we love.

How can we adjust these annoying and destructive behaviors?

The sad fact is many people try a number of things to reduce or remove these annoying, destructive behaviours before they realise that hypnotherapy is the fastest, easiest, most effective and natural way to achieve the results you want. Your mind creates these thoughts that drive you to these behaviors. How about we adjust these thoughts to something positive for you instead?

What if I can show you a whole new way to get the result you want and all you need to do is sit back and relax. You don’t have to do any work at all. You can allow your mind to relax and escape those binding thoughts driving you to what I refer to as the ‘Yeah But’ part of you that you have been listening to for far too long. This ‘Yeah But’ part that encourages you to behave in this negative manner that you really want to escape from. The problem has been, until now, you just didn’t know how to silence it.

The Abolish Bad Habits session from Virtual Hypnotherapy is what we refer to as a parts therapy. There is a part of you that knows the right thing to do yet this ‘Yeah But’ part continues to whisper to you to indulge in these destructive behaviors that hurt you, damage you and your relationships.

I recently had a lovely woman, call her Jane, who wrote to me seeking help. She described she was early forties, married with two children. She worked part time and was unsettled with herself and life. She didn’t understand why she was drinking excessively and now she started playing poker machines when out at the club. She described how she was becoming angry with her husband and children, snapped at them with unkind comments and started to hate the person she was becoming.

Her life was good she explained, she lived in a nice home with no major financial worries. Jane was struggling with these behaviors that were now infringing in her life, her relationships and her happiness. She needed direction. She was confused.

Jane described how she had commenced drinking wine each evening to the stage of relying on almost a bottle each evening to help her relax. This was not helping anymore so she started to escape to the local club and played poker machines. She said she would get lost in another world before realising she had lost a good part of her weekly income before having to confess to her family money was short that week. Her husband started to become angry with her continued empty promises to refrain from drinking and gambling. Their relationship was becoming conflictual and unhappy. All Jane wanted to do was regain her self control. To stop these destructive behaviors affecting her family and her life. She described herself as ‘being lost, overwhelmed and always sad’ without a good reason why. This then escalated the guilt she felt, so she was plummeting into a terrible place of despair and sadness.

Jane’s story was not unique, I had heard similar many times before. It was also clear Jane was a really good person, loving, kind but struggling through some issues where she turned to alcohol and gambling to help her feel numb. I suggested the Abolish Bad Habits hypnotherapy audio session to alleviate those ‘Yeah But’ parts and enable Jane to extend her own powerful mind and thoughts to nullify that annoying destructive ‘Yeah But’ part.

Jane wrote to me a few weeks after doing the Abolish Bad Habits session and advised since doing the session she had stopped drinking and not been near a poker machine for weeks. She now started to feel in-control of herself again. She described how her mind had cleared so she could finally discuss with her husband what her problem was. Jane told me that after her mind cleared, she discovered she really wanted to return to college, obtain the degree she never completed before having the children, and go onto a career she dreamed of having. Realising what the issue had been, her husband was delighted to support her and to have his loving wife back. She enrolled to start study, which resulted in her feeling lighter, happier and more importantly ‘in-control’ of herself again.

The issue with so many of us, is when we are overwhelmed, we become highly emotional and confused. When highly emotional we lose the ability to think rationally; we think emotionally, which is neither logical nor balanced.

You can take control and dissolve these destructive habits. This will honestly be the best investment in your health and life you could make.

Please visit and take back your control.

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