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Australia’s Leading Lifestyle Doctor Curing People Around The World With Only The Power of Their Min

Dr Karen Phillip’s Virtual Hypnotherapy Products Hit the U.S. Market This January


We all love good therapy, but not everyone can afford the time or money to spend on it; till now. Australia’s leading Lifestyle Doctor, Dr. Karen Phillip, is changing lives with her combined psychotherapy and hypnotherapy products - Virtual Hypnotherapy. The Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions can all be accomplished in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost. This scientifically proven method is all natural, chemical free and offers remedies for a wide range of issues. Dr. Karen Phillip’s Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions can assist you to gain clarity and direction, stop many addictive behaviors quickly, reduce stress and anxiety levels and help you erode that feeling of depression that affects so many. Most alternative solutions to ridding oneself of a bad habit lead to the use of prescription drugs which then sets off another chain reaction of addictive behaviors. This is one of the reasons Dr Karen Phillip created Virtual Hypnotherapy.

“I love supporting and empowering people by helping them make the changes they want and need to live a fulfilled, happy and focused life”, says Dr. Karen Phillip, "The work that is done is at the core of personal need and you do not need prescription drugs to get there.”

Virtual Hypnotherapy has a 94.9% success rate and real people are seeing real results every day. Betty, from New South Wales, Australia, shares her story, "I was very overweight before using Dr Karen’s Virtual Hypnotherapy method. I lost 26kgs. (57lbs.) right away. It's amazing how easy it is to do, There's no calorie counting, you just know what you have to do".

Dr. Karen Phillip works with clients all over the world including industry leaders, high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities, assisting them to relax and reduce their anxiety levels plus manage and deal with a variety of other issues. She is also a regular on several prominent radio and tv shows across Australia. Her new method is reaching and renewing people’s lives all over the world and now the United States gets to launch her product nation wide. In January 2017, Virtual Hypnotherapy will be featured by one of the largest distributors in the United States, the Link Companies. VH will feature in the Key Accounts Showroom of AmericasMart, the largest National permanent wholesale trade center, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Karen Phillip is set to appear on the Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz shows, respectively, during Fall 2017 Programming. You can find out more information about Dr. Karen Phillip and Virtual Hypnotherapy at

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Natalie Creel


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