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Jayne Denham  +  COLT FORD 

Music Video Treatment

Jayne Denham  +  COLT FORD 
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That clear corn liquor got nothin' on your midnight

This is the story of two moonshiners, Jesse and James, illegally making moonshine from their backyard still with the hopes of selling their product to the infamous and dangerous Moonshine distributors, Jayne Denham and Colt Ford. The sexy young couple are recklessly running their Moonshine from one side of town to the other, craving the risk and dodging the law. The video will have a hauntingly sexy feel, mostly shot in the evening and at night. A backwood Ozarks kind of vibe.


Jesse (White Lightning) gets off on danger and is a bad influence on James. A modern-day Bonni, that has put a spell over him. Their passionate, fiery connection is hotter than moonshine can burn .


James is cool, calm, and collected, but he has a dark side. He is easily lead and the only thing he is scared of is Jesse. He will do anything to keep her happy, even if it's breaking the law.


In the opening scene, you are drawn into a dark, rustic log cabin, where JD and CF are arrogantly awaiting the young moonshiners to arrive for product testing. As they wait, a grandfather clock is ticking towards midnight, while kerosene lamps illuminate, piles of cash, corn, and mason jars are scattered across the setting. 

Jayne peers out to a full moon, singing through the shadows of the dusty venetian blinds that are swinging from the large window.

A sinister black cat roams the room, knocking over bottles and crossing windows, silhouetting in front of a full moon. (Rattle snakes may make an appearance if song mixers come in.)

POLICE, CAr Chase and shovels

On the other side of town, Jesse and James are loading their truck with moonshine, ready for CF and JD to sample.  It’s dusk, and the two drive off, prepared for a scuffle-that is, if law enforcement gets in the way.

CF and JD are sitting across from each other at the table, counting money, and smoking cigars, playing cards, and singing.


James sees a police roadblock ahead and takes a detour to avoid it. The cop notices the suspicious turn, and the car chase begins.

Jesse is a sex-crazed, fun, psycho girl turned on by danger. She cheers and kisses James as he frantically tries to get away.

Wheels are spinning, and dirt is flinging. The cop completely cuts them off. His gun is unholstered, and the officer slowly creeps around to the driver's side window, only to see James is not there.

His face suddenly drops as he gets knocked out in the back of the head by a shovel. He falls, and James forms a cheeky smile while Jesse fiercely kisses him from behind and grabs his hand as they run back to the car.

facial expressions will tell the story

Jesse and James finally arrive at the log cabin in the woods, USA, with the Australian flag waving in the winds.

As they anxiously walk up the porch steps, JD opens the door and gives them a nod.


CF is leaning back on his chair. His feet are up on the table, and he is smoking a cigar. 


JD sits the moonshiners down across from CF. He leans in and blows smoke in James’ face. CF opens up the mason jar and smells it, wondering if he’s being swindled. Jesse and James nervously try to get up as Jayne, towering behind, pushes them down in their chairs. CF takes a sip and pulls out his zippo lighter. JD moves her long coat out of the way as her hand hovers over her pistol.


CF lights the moonshine! The clean blue burn brings a smile to CF’s face. CF flicks a wad of cash at James, and Jesse grabs the cash as they both leave the cabin excited. Jesse jumps into James’ arms while she passionately kisses him.

great FILLER imagery, BLACK cat, fire, FULL MOON, CLOCK

CF raps in the cabin while JD lingers in the background out of focus.

A wall of moonshine jars is backlit, vibrating on and off, and the mason jar lighting is synced to the solid backbeat of the kick drum going BOOM BOOM BOOM. The rest of the song is characterized by random mood imagery: full moon, cat, clock, smoke, CF and JD doing their thing, etc.The video ends as JD walks into the frame and drops a jar of moonshine in slow motion. It hits the ground and shatters as we fade to black.

Image by Kurt Liebhaeuser