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Jayne Denham  +  COLT FORD 

Music Video Treatment

Jayne Denham  +  COLT FORD 
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That clear corn liquor got nothin' on your midnight

This is a story of two moonshiners, Jesse and James, illegally making moonshine from their backyard still with the hopes of selling their product to the infamous and dangerous Moonshine distributors, Jayne Denham and Colt Ford. The sexy young couple are recklessly running their Moonshine from one side of town to the other, craving the risk and dodging the law. The video will have a haunting sexy feel, mostly shot in the evening and night. A backwood Ozarks kind of vibe.


Jesse (White Lightning) gets off on danger and is a bad influence on James. A modern day Bonnie, that has put a spell over him. Their passionate fiery connection is hotter than moonshine can burn .


James is cool calm and collected but has a dark side. He is easily lead and the only thing he is scared of is Jesse. He will do anything to keep her happy, even if it's breaking the law.


In the opening scene, you are drawn into a dark rustic log cabin, where JD and CF are arrogantly awaiting the young moonshiners to arrive for product testing. As they wait, a grandfather clock is ticking towards 12 midnight, while kerosene lamps illuminate, piles of cash, corn and mason jars are scattered across the setting. 

Jayne peers out to a full moon, singing through the shadows of the dusty venetian blinds that are swinging from the large window.

A sinister black cat roams the room, knocking over bottles and crossing windows, silhouetting in front of a full moon. (Rattle snake may make an appearance if song mixers come in.)