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Just Feel Better
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Our Main goal with this
collaboration is Suicide prevention

Talking is the first step to preventing suicide. Make a difference by learning the warning signs and risk factors, having aa REAL conversation with someone you care about, and sharing resources and creative ways to help #TalkAwayTheDark.

I'll do anything to just feel better

This is a story of a heavy heart, a beautiful young lady struggling with the pressure of life weighing down upon her.  On the outside she doesn't show these emotions but deep down inside she is crying out for help. The songs lyric is a letter that she is writing to herself, hoping someone will find it before it's to late. Buck Johnson the artist will be singing this letter as a narration of the story as it takes a turn into a dream sequence.

Image by Francesca Zama

Is a tall beautiful red headed soul lost and saddened at this time in her life. She just can't catch a break. She tries and tries but life just keeps throwing obstacles at her.

Lonely, scared and vulnerable, at breaking point.

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Curious of what story he's about to uncover from the message in a bottle, Buck delivers a stripped down performance of the song.

He flattens out lyric and places it on his piano then sings it.

This will be B roll and overlays throughout video.

Image by taylor hernandez

Is the friendly guy next door, who has life worked out, he likes helping people and has a small part in this story.

She said I need you to hold me
I'm a little far from the shore
And I'm afraid of sinking

In the opening scene, you are drawn to Buck Johnson reaching down to pick up a bottle washed up on the shore with a note inside it. The music rolls in with the Elizabeth at her desk in bedroom writing out the lyric to the song. Buck takes the letter back to his piano  and performs the song along the way he stops on a lyric and writes some chords above the words. Walking along another beach/shore Randall stumbles across a beautiful hand mirror on ground, he looks at himself laughs and then tosses it in the ocean.

Randall is setting up a picnic blanket and waiting for someone.

It's all to hard for Elizabeth she's writing this letter/lyrics while tears and sadness are falling from her face as the tip of her lead pencil snaps. Out of frustration she looks over to an ornate rustic chest on her dresser. (I've got the key to the door but it just won't open) she gets up out of chair runs her hand over the chest and jiggles the key in the lock then dives on her bed. She's tossing and turning hugging a pillow for comfort. Curled up in a ball, smoke fills the room as she falls asleep as the dream sequence begins.

Dream Sequence- Small row boat lost in the haze of no where

Now in a dream, Elizabeth is in a beautiful long white dress standing in an old row boat throwing the bottle with the note in there. The wind is blowing in her hair, she's lost and scared, the metaphor of her life. 

Elizabeth is trying to get out of her dilemma noticing the boat has a hole in it, she tries to stop the leak but water keeps coming in. 

The chest from her bedroom is in the boat with her, there is a glowing light and smoke coming out from inside, she shakes the lock but it won't open. She grabs her compass the needle is wavering between JOY and SADNESS it's not working so she grabs her oar and tries to paddle but the oar breaks. she pulls  a flare and tries to lite it but it doesn't fire.

Meanwhile in her bedroom her phone is buzzing.

The boat is swirling round and round as we watch from above like water down a drain, the smoke and the haze is hard to see through. She's crying out for help through an old style megaphone with the word help written on it. During the dream sequence we will have Elizabeth singing the song into the magaphone as we cut back and forth, capturing chorus.

Randall is on. his phone texting someone. out of frustration he packs up and leave sthe area.

Drone shots from above capture these moments. during this time we are back and forth with Buck singing the message from the bottle.

Bucks heart felt narration to overlay Elizabeth's cry for help

Elizabeth looks over to the box takes the oar and beats the lock until it breaks open.

Light and smoke leak out as at she reaches inside. From behind her we see her holding the elegant hand mirror (Randall threw in the ocean) showing her reflection, with the words " You are worth it!" on the glass.

Elizabeth smiles stands on the edge of the boat hands reaching for the sky and in slow motion she falls backwards into the water, as if she's being baptized. A moment of surrender and joy.

We see her falling under water peacefully, she's gracefully swimming under water. In her dream sh'es almost waking up in and out of dream an reality As she falls down in the dream sequence, she wakes up in her bedroom to her door bell ringing.

SHe answers the door and it's Randall, Elizabeth jumps in his arms as the both hug.


Buck goes back to the body of water places the song back in the bottle and throws it back in the water.Fade to black, with a short message with something like "we all need a little help sometimes, lift those that need it." 

Logo and details for charity we will be partnering with.

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You know I can't see through the haze around me and I do anything that just feel better
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