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Undiscovered Nashville Interviews Cash Crawford About "Mistakes"

Cash Crawford believes personal growth through music is possible, and she hopes her music helps you achieve that. While music has been a part of Crawford’s life, it’s more than a job for her. The singer/songwriter uses music for healing too. Do you share the singer/songwriter’s belief in the healing power of the music? Please keep reading to learn more about Cash Crawford and her music.

Music is in her Bones

Cash Crawford has done it all to create her career as a singer/songwriter, but the roots of her career choice began as a child. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Crawford said, “I started making music when I was very young. My parents have videos of me singing in my high chair before I could speak whole sentences. So, music has been in my bones since I was born. There wasn’t any one moment that drew me to music. It was always part of me.”

Crawford began not only singing when she was young but also writing. The Canadian said, “I wrote my first song sometime between nine and eleven years old. I also sang in church but continued to pursue music after leaving the church. I’ve been a wedding singer and a bar singer. So, I have traveled and lived across Canada, performing for anyone who would listen before finding a home in Nashville. That’s how I can make a full-time living in music.”

Cash Crawford Finds a Home in Nashville

Cash Crawford, like so many others, found her way to Music City. But, interestingly, she didn’t plan to stay. The singer/songwriter said, “I moved to Nashville in 2016, but I had only planned to be here for a month. So I came to town with two suitcases and stayed with a friend. Meanwhile, I was still renting a room in Vancouver. But I decided to stay in Nashville and had my things in Vancouver packed up and put into storage. Fortunately, I was able to get a work visa. Nashville is a place where once it gets ahold of you, it’s not letting go. It’s a city with which it is easy to fall in love. Everywhere else you go, people say, oh, you make music; what’s your real job? But, in Nashville, the question is, what do you do on the side?”

Crawford Experiences Culture Shock in a Good Way

If you’ve ever moved to another country or a different part of your country, there’s always an adjustment period to get used to it. Crawford said, “It was a bit of a culture shock when I got to Nashville. The southern lifestyle, how they celebrated holidays, and how close families are, are entirely different than what I’ve experienced. People are much more open-minded than I expected, and I realized there wasn’t as much separation as I thought. The way people support those in need is refreshing. There is a real community in Nashville.”

“I want my listeners and fans to experience healing from my music.“ - CASH CRAWFORD

Balancing the Highs and Lows of a Music Career

The music industry has such highs and lows that probably only someone chasing other creative careers can relate. Crawford described some of the highs and lows she has experienced. She said, “Playing in the honky tonks on Broadway can be difficult because sometimes you are just background noise, which can be discouraging. Yet, here you are pouring your heart out, singing songs you love, and nobody cares. But, on the flip side, I could sing an acapella song and the entire bar goes silent, which can be rewarding. When someone comes up to me and tells me I made their day, that’s affirming. When people are struggling, and my music touches them, you remember that’s why you do it. So, if I can impact one person, I’m doing my job, making the hard days much easier. This industry makes you want to quit, but you must find another way when you hear the word no. There have been multiple times I wanted to give up, but you will get little nuggets that keep you going. Seeing things come to fruition keeps me grinding because you never know when you will find the right door.”

Cash Crawford Embraces Songwriting with a Message

Cash Crawford and I talked about the importance of substantive songs. Of course, there is a place for fun songs, but music that promotes thought is what resonates with me. The singer/songwriter agrees. Cash said, “I always wanted to share my feelings through music. So, I enjoy songs with a message. I also love a good fluff song, but sometimes they lack meat & potatoes. There is nothing better than putting on Florida-Georgia Line’s “Cruise” and hitting the highway, but it’s lacking when you are going through something and need support.” I am sure everyone reading has the go-to artists they listen to when struggling with something. The Vancouver native said, “I turn to artists like Stevie Nicks and Adele for their stories of heartbreak, and I use those to help me grow. Those artists are self-aware, and that is the writer I strive to be as well. I want to put my self-awareness into my lyrics.”

Crawford continued talking about the purpose of her songwriting. Cash said, So, my songwriting has more on the meat and potatoes side. The songs that give you emotional support feed your soul and help you grow. Music is magical in that way. So, I want to ensure my music has enough substance to cause growth, healing, and encouragement to be a better person. In essence, I want to feed people with my songs.”

The latest single from Cash Crawford encourages listeners not to be afraid to make mistakes. But, she said, “it’s a song that teaches people that personal growth isn’t always pretty.” “Mistakes” is definitely on brand for Crawford because it is a song with a message. The singer/songwriter said, “Mistakes” is an anti-cancel culture anthem. Instead of canceling people for making mistakes, we should unite as a community to teach them and help them grow.” So you might wonder what inspired her new single, “Mistakes?” Crawford said, “I had gone through some things during covid. Everyone’s opinions differed at the time, and I felt canceled because of my thoughts and feelings. So I wanted to have conversations around it where there was grace and space to be created to disagree so I could understand others’ thinking and help them understand mine. Even if we disagreed, that didn’t have to affect our relationship and cut each other off completely.” Cash described her goal in writing “Mistakes.” She said, “When Don Banks and I wrote this song, I was almost afraid to use the word mistakes because I didn’t want people to misunderstand the song’s message. The song doesn’t say you should go out, make mistakes and do stupid things. Instead, our goal was to create a play on the word, where we encourage people to make good mistakes that would cause personal growth. For example, you accidentally get on the wrong flight and end up in Hawaii but realize that’s where you were supposed to be after all. Of course, we will make bad choices, but they shouldn’t define our future. Instead, learning from those mistakes is essential to build a beautiful life.”

If You are New to Cash CrawfordSo if you are new to Cash Crawford and her music, there is one thing she hopes you get from her music, “healing.” Crawford said, “I want my listeners and fans to experience healing from my music. We all need it and will always need it. Everyone goes through heartbreak and has lost loved ones because it’s part of life. So as we go through life, we must learn to heal from heartache and pain, so we don’t carry it into our next relationship or project it onto our children.” The singer/songwriter continued, “I hope people can listen to the songs I write and understand my healing journey. Also, I want them to go on their life path and get to know themselves well. So, healing and self-discovery are two descriptors of my music. I used to teach vocal lessons, and I would tell my students that I didn’t want them to sing like Taylor Swift or me. Instead, I wanted to hear their version of a Taylor Swift song. So, just like my students, I encourage people to get to know their true selves.

My Thoughts

I have known about Cash Crawford for about four years and have had the pleasure of seeing her perform. However, until now, I could not get to know the person behind the music. After talking with Crawford, I have an appreciation for her authenticity. Cash continually works to be the best version of herself, which comes through in her music. So, I can relate to her music, especially her latest single, “Mistakes.” If you are new to Crawford’s music, I hope you can find meaning in it as I have.

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