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The Singers Company Interviews Joeyglo

Joeyglo: New Single "Lovely Lady" (Feature/Interview) ARTIST INTERVIEWS

When did you first realize your ability to sing? At a very young age. I grew up singing in choir all the way through high school, but I was really shy about it. Whenever the choir director was walking back and forth to pick out individuals for solos, I always lowered my voice and started singing really quietly. It took me a long time to get over my fear of singing in front of others.

What is your music and message all about? My music is all about positivity. Even if it’s a song about a tough situation, heartbreak, or some sort of loss, typically the song points towards self-empowerment or some sort of positive lesson to learn and walk away with.

How would you describe your vocal style? I love to experiment and learn new techniques all the time, whether production or singing techniques. In previous songs I’ve released "Criminal", or "Brandnu," I loved messing around with pitch-altering plugins. I’m not talking about auto-tune (although I love a hard auto-tune in sections if the song warrants it), I’m talking full octave jumps up and down (think chipmunks if up & monsters if down). Different reverbs, delays, and distortions are all fun to see what you can come up with. However, on the flip side, there’s something very intimate about a very authentic-sounding voice. It’s moments like that when I can experiment more with singing techniques like vibrato, vocal runs, and trills. You know, more nerdy choir kid-type stuff, or what some might describe as "jazzy" (one of my best friends refers to it as this).

What was the hardest part of making this song? I wrote this song right at the beginning of the COVID shutdowns and restrictions. Not all songs happen this way, but it really wrote itself. I think I wrote it in under an hour. The lyrics and everything just came out with ease. I just knew what I wanted to say. The lyrics took the most time, though. I typically create the musical landscape first and write the lyrics according to how the music makes me feel. I knew it should be a fun and flirtatious song, but I didn’t want women to feel objectified.

What was the most enjoyable part of making this song? There’s usually a moment when you’re writing a song when it’s just a concept or a progression/beat and maybe there’s not much there. But then you decide to take a risk, and all of a sudden it becomes very interesting. That moment happened for me once I came up with the melody. All of a sudden, I was up dancing and singing along in my home studio.

What is one feeling you want to leave listeners with? Awareness of self, and the positivity and joy it can bring.

How do you prepare for your live performances? I sing to my wife and my husky puppy, Mowgli. If Mowgli doesn’t leave the room in a panic, I know I’m at least on the right track ;)



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