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Super Cool Radio Interviews Siena

We have another great episode of Super Cool Radio lined up for you!

Our guest is an awesome neon cowgirl from Las Vegas. Please welcome Siena! Very recently Seina released her debut single entitled Sass. The single is a fun and energetic country music anthem. Hear Siena discuss how she got started as a musician, writing and recording Sass, her musical influences, hobbies outside of music, and so much more! Plus, you get to hear Sass during this episode! Please check out, stream, support, and give a like to Siena! SCR and Matthew Thomas would like to thank Siena for the great interview. Thank you to Danielle Reiss and Dead Horse Branding for making this interview possible.

Links to check out:

Intro and outro music composed by Jonny Neville of Neville Audio Promo pictures courtesy of Danielle Reiss and Dead Horse Branding Sass courtesy of Danielle Reiss and Dead Horse Branding If you like this video, please consider heading over to our merch store and supporting us. Your support means so much!



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