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Spinex Music: Kelsey Hickman Releases New Single, “Novocaine”

Kelsey Hickman Releases New Single, “Novocaine”: Kelsey Hickman, the talented singer-songwriter, has released her highly anticipated single “Novocaine.” Kelsey is known for her captivating stage presence and her ability to tell creative stories through her rock and country tones.

“Novocaine” is a passionate song that portrays love as an addiction that alters one’s mind about fighting impulses and escaping from something only they can recognize. The soulful lyrics, “It’s novocaine, straight to the veins, you drive me insane, your novocaine,” are incredibly powerful, and listeners can relate to the raw emotions conveyed in the song.

Kelsey’s inspiration for the song came from the word “novocaine” and how it sounded when rolling off the tongue. She was lucky enough to have producer Don Miggs on the project, who created a slow burn production that elevated the mood of the lyrics. With Kelsey’s strong vocal delivery, listeners can feel the raw emotions conveyed in the song.

Kelsey explains, “This song is addicting to sing… Just think about being pinned up against the wall in a good way. Something you can’t put down. This is a love story that we love to hate.” The song showcases Kelsey’s masterful vocal performance, creating a melodic masterpiece that highlights her tasteful artistry. The unforgettable “Novocaine” referenced in the lyrics is with someone, making the song even more powerful.

Overall, “Novocaine” is an impressive release from Kelsey Hickman, showing her strength as an artist, vocalist, and songwriter. The song’s addictive nature and the powerful emotions conveyed in the lyrics are sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners.



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