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Six Twelve Entertainment Interviews Siena About "Sass"

Desert-Born Singer-Songwriter Siena Debuts Her “Sass”

Las Vegas native, “unapologetic and spaghetti western spirit.” Growing up, listening to Martina McBride and Faith Hill. Moving away from modern country-pop to the roots of the 2000’s country music. What influenced your change?

Since I grew up listening to these ladies, I always wanted to create music like them! Along with influence from Stevie Nicks, I think it’s important to keep a true country sound because it can be lost in today’s genre of country music.

You shared about your new music that you “want my audience to know that if ever you’re feeling down, crank up this tune and have yourself a good time.’’ Which other artists’ songs help motivate you to see the positive side?

I think it’s important to find the positive in anything life throws at us or in any song you listen to. Some artists that always put me in a positive mood are Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert or Stevie Nicks. They really emote the story they are telling while performing and you can definitely hear it over their recordings.

Girl’s Night Out. “Sass,” co-written with Don Miggs, of which he shared. “It has real substance and story and heart and empowerment. Like Siena herself.” You were originally writing something else that day — what changed?

When I went to Don’s studio, he had shown me a snippet of a song he was previously working on for us. But then of course we just started chatting about something else and he said, “There’s the saying of ‘tell me how you like that a$$ but what if it’s ‘tell me how you like that sass’” and it just stuck with me!

Favorite outdoor spots around Nashville to hunt? To fish?

I really like going to waterfalls in the summertime! Rutledge and Cummins Falls are two of my favorites. To hunt, I go to my friend’s ranch in Cookeville, TN where there are turkeys, deer, and hogs! To fish I usually go to La Vergne, TN, good bow fishing there. And of course, going to ride my horse and spending time with her.

Roping. Welding horseshoes. Competing in a rodeo. Gracie. If you were to write a song for your horse, how would the chorus go?

Funny enough, I’ve actually written a song about my horse Gracie already! It’s called “Home Is Where My Horse Is.” You might see it being released soon!

And … best place to get a cowboy hat in Music City?

The best place to get a cowboy or flat brim hat in Nashville is Ashley Botts Willis! She is a great milliner. You can contact her on Instagram or her website. She makes all different colors, shapes, and styles! Tell her Siena sent you!

To stay up to date with Siena, visit her Website or follow her on socialmedia Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.



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