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Ryan Aviation Group Is Matching Donations Made To Shania Kids Can

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — This holiday season, Ryan Aviation Group is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the Shania Kids Can Foundation, embarking on a Match Dollar Campaign aimed at making a meaningful impact on the lives of children facing crises and financial difficulties.

As the founder of Ryan Aviation Group, Dan Ryan says, “If you want to be rich, give.” This holiday season, Ryan Aviation Group is calling on you to take action by supporting Shania Kids Can. For every dollar donated, Ryan Aviation Group will match the contribution up to $10,000, doubling the impact and extending the reach of the foundation’s vital programs.

Shania Twain says, “We are so grateful to Ryan Aviation for supporting Shania Kids Can by offering to match donations during the month of December. I’m sure the matching promise will encourage and inspire donations this holiday season to support SKC kids.”

After experiencing poverty as a child, Shania Twain founded Shania Kids Can in 2010 to address the needs of young school children. SKC works with elementary schools to deliver programs by qualified professionals that provide support and stability to vulnerable children. SKC provides children with one-on-one consultations, academic support, group activities as well as nutritious snacks and meal programs, in the safe, confidence-building environment that is the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse. “We support these children at a primary age and teach them how to become responsible, confident, and proactive members of their school community,” says Shania. “These children will grow to be adults who are in a better position to succeed and contribute positively to society.”

Founder and CEO of Ryan Aviation Group, Dan Ryan, says, “This holiday season, Ryan Aviation Group is proud to partner with the Shania Kids Can Foundation in a Match Dollar Campaign. Shania Kids Can offers services and assistance to children, fostering positive changes during times of crisis and financial difficulties. Please join Ryan Aviation Group in directing our efforts towards making a meaningful impact on the lives of children by donating to Shania Kids Can this holiday season.”

Ryan Aviation Group is also proud to have established a charitable foundation as a way of giving back to the community to anyone, anytime and anywhere. 3.33% of all Ryan Aviation Group profits are donated to the 333 Limitless fund. Dan Ryan adds, “As a company, we recognize that operating a business to simply make money is too limiting. The energy we create in serving our clients is hugely powerful and doesn’t stop there. By flying it forward, we can set in motion a powerful change on a global scale that is truly limitless.”

For over 20 years, Ryan Aviation Group services have offered a bridgeway for music, sports, corporate, and leisure travel. Taking care of the needs of artists, bands, their crews, and equipment around the world. Ryan Aviation Group is a luxury private aircraft charter company that goes above and beyond to provide unique travel experiences by putting safety first and going beyond requirements to hold the highest industry broker certification with ARG/US international. It is a business with a heartbeat, putting people at the center of everything they do.

Join Ryan Aviation Group and be a part of this impactful initiative. Your donation will not only be matched but will also play a crucial role in fostering a brighter future for children in need. To donate, please visit

For more information and to connect with Ryan Aviation Group, follow Website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

For more information on Shania Kids Can, please visit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To schedule an interview with Ryan Aviation Group or for more information, contact Ryan Aviation Group at the following:

Janet Poppei

Phone: 248-390-1120


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