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Pop Nerd Lounge Interviews Stone Senate


Last month, Southern Rock Band Stone Senate released the single, “Good To Go.” The band known for their blend of country, southern rock, and rock released the first EP of a two-EP release last October, “Dusk.” We had the pleasure of speaking with the band about the single, their upcoming EP, “Dawn,” and they give me their description of Southern Rock.

“Good to Go” is the first single off your upcoming second Ep, “Dawn!” Out of all the songs on the EP, what made you want to lead with “Good to Go?” We thought the song was a really easy going feeling, and as we were going into a warmer weather season, that song really reminds us of the stuff we grew up on and grew up playing. The allman brothers band, black crowes kind of feel. You state that ‘Good to Go’ is about willing to roll the dice. What’s the biggest risk Stone Senate has ever rolled the dice on and did it pay off? I’d say the biggest roll of the dice was how we went about building the band name and spreading the word and our music . We didn’t have a lot of money for radio promotions and things like that, so we decided to tour as much as humanly possible and spread the word and music that way. We took every gig that was offered no matter what the pay was or where the gig was, and ended up doing 2 - 3 shows a day some days. Acoustic and electric shows, we would play 'em all , and still do, but luckily making some money now. We feel like that roll of the dice has helped us get to where we are now, with a record deal, wonderful promotion, management, and label team, and also a great booking agency to help us stay busy on the road. What have been the watershed moments - the highs and the lows - of putting together “Dawn?” We really focused on the songwriting for these EP’s and the upcoming full album. We have always focused on the songwriting, but we tried to trim the fat on these songs, as we had a much better shot at radio and streaming with this new stuff. Also, we had a dream producer (Toby Wright) that helped us with these songs and did a lot of pre-production with us. We rewrote lyrics, intros, choruses, over and over til everyone was very satisfied, and we feel like it really shows on this new stuff. We also wrote most of these songs leading up to pre-production and recording, so we didn't have much time to play them live, due to the pandemic having shut the world down, so it was a different approach for us . This song gives off a feel-good vibe! What’s a song from another artist that would be on your ‘feel-good’ or ‘good vibes’ playlist? The black crowes - “Wiser Time,” Allman brothers “Dreams,” Velvet Underground, “Sweet Jane”. Songs like that make us want to roll the windows down on a sunny day, and enjoy the ride! In your own words, how would you describe Southern Rock to someone unfamiliar with the sound? To us, southern rock has a combination of rock, classic country, blues, and jazz, and is kind of like a gumbo of all of these influences and styles. We grew up on all of those styles of music, which shows up in our songwriting, and are also from the south, so all that stuff together has tagged us as southern rock. We love that stuff and are very happy to have that tag go along with Stone Senate. What can we expect from the upcoming EP? There are some rockin 'tunes, some slower, deeper meaning tunes, and a little bit of in between, so it really showcases what this band is all about. It’s a group effort in forming these songs and creating them, so the group effort produces some intense music, from what we think. Hey thank you all so much for the questions, it was a pleasure to answer these and put some deep thought into this stuff. Thank you for making time for Stone Senate and checking out the new music!

Thank you to Stone Senate for chatting with us! Be sure to listen to “Good to Go” and stay tuned for the upcoming EP, “Dawn!”

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