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Pick Simply Songwriter Spotlight: Cash Crawford

This week, we're inviting back Cash Crawford, an artist currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Cash moved down here in 2016 and says she has been a musician for as long as she can remember. When COVID hit, she decided to head to her home in Canada for a little bit and got back to Nashville last July. Cash Crawford has a new single coming out called, "Mistakes," and honestly you're going to love it. "Mistakes," is an anthem to cancel culture. This single will lean more towards the genre of rock and roll meets Kelly Clarkson. It falls under the country umbrella, but will have elements of pop thrown in as well. Cash has been nominated for many songwriter awards, a professional vocalist and a great entertainer. She is shining a light on young artists coming to this town to pursue a career in music and chase the dream.

"Making mistakes is an important part of our growth. We shouldn’t cut people out and say that people aren’t worthy. We need to embrace people and encourage them to become better people. Mistakes is my outcry on how we could things a little better," Cash Crawford.

Cash told us that the original lyrics she had for this new single didn't resonate with her. The melody was great, but she couldn't connect with the story, so, she re-wrote it. Her team and herself wanted it to be relevant to who she is as an artist and as a person. Crawford is not the artist to put a project out to the world she doesn't believe in. Cash's music is powerful and relatable. "Mistakes," co-written with Don Miggs, is an important song for today's climate. We learn from making mistakes, we don't grow in a society where all we do is cancel someone.

With traction from the new single, Cash wants to get into the festival scene and start touring. Right now, music is her full-time job and you can catch her singing on Broadway five days a week. Anyone that knows Broadway knows that this can be physically and emotionally taxing on an artist. "It takes the wind out of your sails. I try not to book doubles and I take time for myself. I love meditating, I'll go to a coffee shop or see other people's shows to make my soul full," Cash.



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