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EP Review: Stone Senate -- Dusk

November 2, 2021 by: Sean Bennett

Southern Rock has been, for me, one of the most consistent of the rock genres over the last few years, with a high quality of musicianship, song writing and delivery, so it takes something a little bit special to sit forward from an already solid music group and Stone Senate may very well have delivered that with their EP ‘Dusk’. Catchy riffs, foot tapping songs and strong vocals make ‘Dusk’ an extremely tidy and well produced EP.

Kicking off with the riff driven ‘Down’, vocalist Clint Woolsey draws us in while the dual guitars of James Edwards and Ted Hennington tease with an almost AC/DC sound before lighting our ears up with some wonderful solo work. ‘Against the Light’ is a slightly gentler opening before picking up to be another driving rocker, which is guided by exceptional rhythm work from bassist Paul Zettler and his drummer brother David. Lead single, ‘Whiskey Helps’, “is a drinking song with a twist,” says front man Woolsey. “The song was written from the point of view of someone a bit ‘up against it’, who sees happy hour as the great escape. Nothing too deep, just a shot glass (or seven) of something to cure what ails you.” The ballad on this release is exquisite, with Stone Senate able to show their ability to tug at the emotions on ‘Slow Crusade’. The closer brings us back with a jolt with ‘All the Broken Pieces’ and with catchy chorus & dualling guitars which will have you reaching for the repeat button to play the EP over again and again! Love it!

‘Dusk’ was produced by Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice in Chains, Körn). Stone Senate plans on releasing a second EP titled ‘Dawn’ with five more tracks to form a collaborative listening experience of the two titled ‘Between the Dark and the Light’.


Track Listing Down Against the Light Whiskey Helps Slow Crusade All the Broken Pieces

About Stone Senate

Stone Senate has been called “a heavier version of Lynyrd Skynyrd, crossed with The Allman Brothers Band”. While being mentioned in such heady company is flattering, one thing Stone Senate is most definitely not, is a retro act. They are taking what came naturally from their collective influences a step further.

Fronted by lead vocalist/guitarist Clint Woolsey’s smouldering, soulful vocals and unmistakable stage presence, stage left, and stage right are burning with dual lead guitars of James Edwards and Ted Hennington. Add to these the blood bonded rhythm section of “The Mud Brothers”- Paul Zettler on bass/vocals and David Zettler on drums/vocals and you have caught lightning in a bottle.

This band has built their audience through relentless touring year-round, along with radio tours inserted into the schedule. Having been together since 2012, the band is able to widen their collective set list while throwing in band and audience favourites of Country and Rock legendary songs.

With over 500 shows throughout the US in the last few years, Stone Senate is steadily adding more and more dates each year and looking forward to some great new music in 2021!

To read more about Stone Senate and The Rockpit, follow the link here.


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