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Director Haroula Rose talks about 'Once Upon a River' soundtrackRead more: http://www.digitaljourn

Director Haroula Rose chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the soundtrack of her new film "Once Upon a River."

"It's tough to pick a favorite part," she said about filming Once Upon a River. "The whole experience has been an adventure, but I would say doing the boat shots was new and quite beautiful and fun to film. Being on the water while filming was really great."

"I have gotten some lovely feedback that the music has been a favored aspect," she said. "We set out to support the film in a way that was very interwoven but wanted a soundtrack that could be a standalone piece. That was always the goal for Zac Rae (the composer) and me. I am happy to hear it's accomplishing that out there in the world and we're also receiving positive feedback from those that are listening to the soundtrack without viewing the film." For this soundtrack, she connected with such artists as Rodney Crowell, J.D. Souther, Will Oldham and Death Cab for Cutie's Zac Rae. "Thirty Tigers' David Macias is a partner on the project, and he was the one to reach out to Rodney and JD when I was casting for the role of 'Smoke.' Will Oldham was a conn

ection through a friend, and Zac Rae is my longtime collaborator on scores and songs; so, I am a very lucky woman. These are all insanely talented people and wonderful to collaborate with; I was happy that the story resonated with them as well," she said.

She performed and has writing credits on "Rachel’s Song" with Peter Bradley Adams and Zac Rae. "That song began with asking Peter to take a look at the final shots of the film - which ironically were the first moments we shot while on set - and then we all got in a room together to work on the lyrics and melody from there. But, it started from Peter's brain initially with that guitar picking part," she said.

On her inspiration to adapt this Bonnie Jo Campbell book onto the big screen, she said, "I fell in love with the character and her adventure and what she discovers along the way. It was very clear, Bonnie has a cinematic language. I just adored how this odyssey is about a young woman and the ways in which she is both vulnerable and strong, while being empathetic. Her life philosophy seems to be one we could all really ascribe to more, honestly."

She opened up about the characteristics of the lead character Margo that she finds in herself. " "Well, I tend to take things in and study them, although her visceral reactions get her into trouble, too. I think the qualities about her that I find more appealing have to do with how she treats other people. She doesn't judge them, even if they are the ones causing her pain. I try to be like that. I really think we could all try to be more like her in this regard," she said.

As a director, she revealed the most challenging feat that she overcame in the filming or releasing the film. "It's been very challenging putting a work of art out there into the world in the year 2020; so, I hope this story finds its audience. We overcame many challenges to make it, because we all fell in love with this story and this world and its message. I hope it lives a big, long life out there now," she said.

For fans and viewers, she concluded about the soundtrack, "The soundtrack and score are both available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and our vinyl will be released at the end of the month as well. I am very excited

to be having a physical release like this. Especially, since the film is set in the late '70s."

To learn more about Once Upon a River, check out its Facebook page and check it out on Instagram.


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