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Country Music Association of Australia Adds Jayne Denham's "Moonshine" on New Music Friday

Stacks of great music again this week! Happy New Music Friday! Congrats everyone on your awesome new releases.

"Millionaire" - Fanny Lumsden

"Sing" - Timothy James Bowen (ALBUM)

"Kate Kelly" - The Whitlams Black Stump Band feat. Felicity Urquhart

"Moonshine" - Jayne Denham feat. Colt Ford

"No SOS" - Ingrid Mae

"Here From There" - Duncan Phillips

"Little Bird" - Brooke Harvey

"Tomorrow" - Pete Denahy

"Redemption is Real" - Suz Dorahy

"Heart of Steel" - Pete Cullen

"The Nashville Sessions" - Toria Richings (ALBUM)

"Lights on The Hill" - Josh Arnold

"The Great Outback" - Ashley Cook

"Try To Forget You" - Emmagen Rain

"The Robbo Show" - Steve Cheers



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