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Brad Lambert Is The Giving Spirit Of Hollywood

August 24, 2020 |Courtesy of JeJune Magazine by Izabella Schilling

A producer, talent manager, and international speaker, there’s not much Brad R Lambert can’t do. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, he started his career in the sports industry working with the Pittsburgh Steelers. After about a decade of interactions with various celebrities and franchises, he decided to pursue his dreams of working in the film industry. Not only is Lambert now a well known name in Hollywood, but he is also a man of giving. Despite his chaotic schedule, Lambert has made time for humanitarian work, specifically with the All In Challenge initiative. Please read our exclusive interview below to learn more about the wonderful Brad R Lambert.

Where are you based? I am based in Los Angeles, CA!  You've worked closely with the Steelers in the past. I'd imagine that's an entirely different world than Hollywood. Can you talk about that experience? How did you transition from your role in the NFL to Hollywood? Working with professional athletes and teams is not that different from working with talent or film studios, so the transition out to Hollywood wasn’t too difficult. I was lucky that I already had a “comfort level” there so I just had to familiarize myself with the “ins and outs” of the Entertainment industry as a whole. What was your first exposure to the world of entertainment? Was it anything like you expected? From an early age, I was working with high profile people, athletes and big brands, so I was comfortable in that element and, when I transitioned out to LA, I worked with Robert Downey Jr. and his incredible team and studios like Warner Bros., Disney, Marvel, Sony and Universal. Challenging myself early on in high school and college, pushing my limits and stepping out of my comfort zone, really prepared me for these opportunities and I am so grateful. It's great that you are very invested in your humanitarian work both on and off air. Can you talk about the story behind the 3x cancer survivor Mateo Coka, and the un-scripted TV show with kindness at the forefront you are developing? I had the opportunity to speak at North Carolina State University in 2018. Shortly after a student reached out to me and asked me to speak with her friend Mateo, an aspiring director who also happens to be a 3x cancer survivor, I connected with Mateo and was completely blown away by his story. We built a wonderful friendship that year and I was able to assist him in his efforts of obtaining an internship for that summer – He interned with Robert Downey Jr. and his incredible team. Since he was in Los Angeles, I wanted to do something special for him so I surprised him with tickets to the Spider-Man: Far From Home World Premiere. Spider-Man played a major role in his life; it brought him happiness in his darkest days and got him through the incredible trauma he faced as he overcame cancer 3x in the first 10 years of his life. I was working with Sony Pictures on the marketing campaign for Spider-Man: Far From Home at the time, so it worked out perfectly. I told him he was getting an exclusive look at a never-before-seen trailer, and in reality, the video he actually watched was a fake trailer that ultimately told him that he was going to the Premiere. His reaction was priceless, and I recently released the footage which garnered hundreds of thousands of views online and was featured in many of the top news outlets. He’s a warrior and I wanted to do what I could to bring him some happiness. We can all make a difference, if we care enough to do so. The un-scripted series focuses on that; I can’t say too much about it, but it’s focused on kindness and bringing those in need some much deserved and needed happiness.

How are you finding ways to inspire kindness during these times? The way we live has certainly changed recently, but we all have the opportunity to still bring happiness to others each and every day. It can be something simple like texting someone a kind message or sending someone a gift via Amazon. You can also use social media to inspire others with positive and entertaining content. The world is a dark place and right now, we need everyone to step up and bring a little more happiness and kindness to the world. I saw your brief IG conversation with investor David Meltzer and entrepreneur Blaine Bartlett. As a motivational speaker, what are your thoughts on using social media as a tool to inspire? I think everyone has an opportunity to inspire and impact people in a positive way due to social media. Whether you have four followers or four million, you are still impacting four lives. Having said that, people need to be more cognizant about the things they post. It can either have a positive or negative impact on the people who consume it, so why not make an effort to post more positive content? If you don’t have something positive, insightful, entertaining or motivational to say, keep it off social media.  COVID's effect on the entertainment industry is unlike anything we've seen before — movie theaters are in the red and Hollywood's recent production reopening comes with strict safety guidelines. How do you see these changes impacting the film industry long-term? How will television be affected?  These are unprecedented times. From a production standpoint, I think you’ll see stricter sets with less people and more organized schedules to provide the most efficient and safe environment for everyone involved. From a distribution standpoint, I think both TV and film will be distributed digitally on streaming platforms, as well as pay-per-view type executions like we’re about to see with the release of Mulan. Unfortunately, I see the digital space being the primary source to view content for a while, until it’s safe enough to return to theaters. We often see actors being extremely vocal in regards to the impact of COVID. However, the average person doesn’t know how the rest of the industry is responding. Do you know how directors, producers, and the other staples within the industry are dealing with the impact of COVID? I can’t speak for everyone, but it has forced me to be more creative and think “outside of the box” when trying to push projects along and get things done. Obviously, productions have been affected, so we’re learning about the new rules and regulations that come with being on set. Unfortunately, theaters are hurting as theatrical releases have been repeatedly delayed with no clear return date in mind. With that, streaming services are flourishing, so that opens new opportunities in that area to pursue. For the foreseeable future, my focus is on development; I’ve been working on a few film projects as well as an unscripted series, so the goal is to have these ready to go when things open back up. What are your thoughts on films being immediately released to digital streaming services? As an avid movie-goer myself, I don’t want to see the theater business disappear, so I’m not overly fond of this new direction. In some cases, for particular films, it makes sense. In other cases, like we’re seeing with blockbuster films like Mulan, Black Widow and WW84, it’s a dangerous game. These films NEED theatrical releases, both financially and from an experience standpoint. Due to COVID, the Studios are having to adjust and try new outlets to generate revenue and excitement for their titles. For people who enjoy “home” entertainment, they should have the opportunity to purchase a digital ticket and view the title in the comfort of their own home. For theater-goers like myself, when it’s safe, these films should also release theatrically so that it can be experienced at that capacity as well. Unfortunately, once ANY film goes live digitally, spoilers will be all over social media. This is where problems will arise, so I’m curious to see what will come of this.

Our country is going through unprecedented changes, a very important one being the BLM movement. Do you feel this will translate to black films as well? I think there absolutely needs to be more representation in the entertainment industry. Having said that, I hope this breeds more job opportunities, films, TV shows and overall award recognition for Oscars/Grammys/Emmys. You recently worked with the ALL IN Challenge. Can you tell us a little bit about this initiative and your work with them? Why do you find them important? The ALL IN Challenge helped raise money to feed the hungry, due to COVID, by auctioning off, and having sweepstakes for, once in a lifetime experiences with some of the biggest celebrities and brands in the world. I was grateful to have been a part of it, bringing experiences with Chris Hemsworth, the Russo Bros. and the Pittsburgh Steelers to the already impressive lineup. It was a great cause and Gary Vaynerchuk was involved, so you didn’t have to ask me twice! How are you staying positive during these times? Some days, it’s hard. But the one thing I’m doing is focusing on what I CAN control. I’m trying to be as productive as possible on many levels, so when this is finally over I can look back and not regret the decisions I made (or lack thereof) and be further ahead than I was when this started.  What is your motto in life? I have two that really resonate with me – “Whatever it takes” and “lead with kindness”. The first one is all about making things happen, whatever it takes… get it done. The second is all about how you lead your life and how you treat others. Kindness is the true “cheat code” to life; you will impact others in a positive way AND bring happiness to yourself. To learn more about Brad R Lambert, please follow him via the below platform: Instagram: @bradrlambert


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