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Sweet Dreams Die Hard: How to Harness the Power of Loss in Business | Gigi Butler | TEDxNashville

Gigi Butler, is always asked, “How did you do it?” As the founder of the largest, fastest-growing bakery franchise in the world, Gigi’s Cupcakes, it is no surprise that everyone wants to know her secret to success. In this talk, Gigi reveals how she built a business empire and achieved the American Dream. When Gigi shares her secret to entrepreneurial success, you will be inspired to reconsider everything you believe about the path to success as an entrepreneur. Gigi Butler opened the first location of Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville, TN in 2008. Just a few short years later, Gigi’s Cupcakes was already generating an estimated $43 million in sales and had become a national phenomenon. Today, there are over 100 locations of Gigi’s cupcakes in 23 states. Gigi is also the author of the popular business book, “The Secret Ingredient: Recipes for Success in Business and Life.”

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