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New artist Jacob Davis Black River Entertainment latest video

Directed by Josh Kranich/Tacklebox Films

This was a fun video directed by the youngest director we have on board at TackleBox Films featuring the back drop of world famous New Orleans.

Jacob Davis steps back from a pop-friendly sound that drives traditionalists crazy on his debut single, “What I Wanna Be.” The soulful, blues guitar and bass-driven love song relies on strong musicianship and a dynamic country stylist.

If you’re not hooked by the funky beat of this Taste of Country RISER‘s debut single, you’ll find his patter is sure to get you. Davis shows a unique ability to sing with clean, staccato phrasing and not have it sound like rap or spoken word. The melody never suffers during “What I Wanna Be;” in fact, as the song reaches the bridge and chorus, it hooks even deeper.

The Shreveport, La., native is a product of his raising. He leans into horns during his live show and isn’t afraid to show his dance moves. “What I Wanna Be” is an introduction to his music as much as it is the singer. Few first singles are this bold and effective.

Did You Know? Davis graduated college from Louisiana State University and started his career on an oil rig. One year later, he moved to Nashville.


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