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Nashville’s Leading Health & Wellness Vocal Coach, Kati Hendricks, Preps Music City Vocalists fo


Kati Hendricks Voice Productions is excited to announce Kati Hendricks' Vocal Boot Camp: The Voice Auditions, being held at The Tracking Room January 7- 8, 2017 for a 2-Day Vocal Training Seminar, preparing Music City’s professional vocalists and hopefuls as they head into Nashville’s audition rounds for NBC’s The Voice. Hendricks has worked with many talent show competitors and vocal performers on several National Television networks and productions including The Voice, X-Factor, American Idol, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet and Radio Disney. Hendricks explains her passion for coaching Vocal Performers of all kinds, “It’s very challenging for me to watch many of the vocal competition shows. I immediately see and hear stress being placed on the vocal cords that will eventually lead to loss of voice and the possibility of surgery…I want to save all of you from that heartache! That is why the blend is so crucial in your vocal technique.” Kati Hendricks is now bringing her life-changing technique to you! With Kati’s specialized technique you will have the confidence to sing any song, in any key, without a break in your voice.

“Our #1 priority is teaching you how to keep your voice healthy and strong 24/7. We teach you the correct placement and breathing techniques, so that you will never strain or lose your voice.”, Hendricks states, “Everyone can have a 4-5 octave range when you learn to blend your voice.”

On top of Kati Hendricks’ unique “The Blend Technique” which expands a Vocalists’ range and abilities, she and her Vocal Coaching partner, Tara Hayes, put a very strong focus on the Whole- Body Health and Wellness of the Singer, or Speaker, they are working with."Keeping your voice healthy & strong is paramount! I want to save all of you from the heartache of losing or damaging your voice.”, says Hendricks.

Hayes agrees, "Reducing your intake of acid-rich foods such as dairy, alcohol, and caffeine will greatly improve your overall health as well as the quality of your vocal performance.” Hayes continues, “When diluted properly in water, lemons help detoxify and alkalize the body and are rich in Vitamin C, which will boost your immune system and keep you healthy throughout touring, performing and traveling.”

Kati Hendricks' Vocal Boot Camp: The Voice Auditions is being held at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN on January 7-8, 2017 is open to any and all Vocal Performers who want to learn how to properly use their voice and take care of it via a whole-body health and wellness lifestyle.

World-renowned Acting and Performance Coach, Bill Cakmis, will also join Kati Hendricks Voice for this unique vocal and performance coaching seminar event.

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