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Bill Cakmis Shares Audition Advice In Backstage.com

MARCH 6, 2020 via Backstage.com

For over 30 years, Bill has coached singers, actors, anchors, talk show hosts, politicians, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and athletes. His clients include Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winners. Bill has partnered with major film studios, production companies, TV stations and National Cable stations (CNN, FOX, The Weather Channel) to create productions that are unique, creative, and powerful. Cakmis has also held advanced acting classes at The Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Actor’s Studio in Hollywood and The Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. Bill’s full resume is extensive, including acting, writing, directing, and motivational speaking.

Check out his audition advice here: https://www.backstage.com/magazine/author/bill-cakmis/

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